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Kids On Bluegrass

The California Bluegrass Association is well known and acknowledged for our Kids on Bluegrass (KOB) program. KOB has been emulated by festivals around the world including the International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) annual event, the World of Bluegrass.


CBA member Frank Solivan Sr. put together a group of young pickers at a festival a quarter century ago because his young musician son, Frank Solivan II, wanted to play on the main stage. Play they did and the Kids on Bluegrass (KOB) program began. Today KOB is directed by Frank’s successor, college student Helen Foley, who herself has risen through the CBA’s youth programs.

KOB remains one of our most popular events with two performances on the main stage of our Father’s Day Festival. Children 3-18 with musical skills meet with Helen Foley and staff beginning on Thursday morning of the Festival. By Friday at dinnertime, they have an hourlong set put together and ready to present.

This is a performance program and requires long rehearsal time from its participants. The reward for the kids (and parents) is huge. Children learn that performing music takes discipline and the ability to work together in a group.

Helen Foley, Cara and Frannie DiGiovanni (CBA members and CBA Kids on Bluegrass) appear in France at La Roche Bluegrass Festival.

Helen Foley, Cara and Frannie DiGiovanni appear in France at La Roche Bluegrass Festival.

Some of the graduates of the KOB program have become professional musicians and appear on stages all over the world.  The IBMA often invites select young musicians from our KOB program to travel to the World of Bluegrass to perform.